Academics - Wed, Apr. 12, 2017
Wiley College recognized and awarded certificates of achievement to its top academic performers
April 10 at Honors Convocation. During the event, students with a cumulative grade point average of 3.80 to 4.00 earned the distinction of being named President's Scholars, and students with a cumulative grade point average of 3.50 to 3.79 were named Deans' Scholars. Close to 60 students came out on a rainy night to each take the stage in the Julius S. Scott Chapel to receive their awards. The College boasts a total of 95 President's Scholars and 46 Deans' Scholars.
The night's speaker, Texas State Historian Bill O'Neal, commended the students for their achievements by telling them they stand on the shoulders of alumni whose academic performance at Wiley and accomplishments in life helped to set the standard of excellence that they as current honor students are upholding at the College. 
"You are the most recent of a long line of well performing students," said Dr. O'Neal.
"There has been a long heritage here of success, of excellence, and of greatness. You honor students are following in that tradition. You are achievers who are ambitious enough to put in the work to excel in academics."
Longtime Wiley educator Dr. Solomon Masenda was also recognized at Honors Convocation. Wiley student Andre Earls presented Dr. Masenda with a special award to commemorate his 27 years of service to the College."I know that the same energy and passion Dr. Masenda put into teaching me, he also put into teaching generations and generations of students." said Mr. Earls. "On behalf of Wiley College and all the students, we thank you for your hard work and dedication inside and outside the classroom. We wouldn't be the students we are without you."
Immediately after Honors Convocation students were greeted by well-wishers at a reception in the Freeman
P. and Carrie E. Hodge Center.   Honors Convocation is a ceremony that is held each spring at Wiley College. 
In top photo, President's Scholars of Wiley College are pictured at Honor's Convocation in the Julius S Scott Chapel on April 10.
In first photo at right, Deans' Scholars are pictured at Honor's Convocation.
In seond  photo at right, President's Scholar Andre Earls presents special award of appreciation to longime Wiley educator Dr. Solomon Masenda. Also pictured is Deans' Scholar Emanuel Echols
In third photo at right, Dr. Bernadette Bruster, Interim Dean of the Division of Social Sciences and Humanities, presents award of appreciation to Honors Convocation speaker Dr. Bill O'Neal.  O'Neal is the Texas State Historian.