Office of Student Development




Preparing Students to Go BEYOND Wiley College

The Office of Student Development is charged with the holistic development of students through the Center for Excellence in Student Leadership (hyperlink), Counseling and Career Planning (hyperlink) and Student Activities (hyperlink).

Units within the Office of Student Development are designed to prepare students for life BEYONG Wiley College. Leadership programs, workshops and conferences prepare students to lead with a focus on ethics, spirituality, morals and values. Internships cover letter and resume development, graduate school fairs, interviewing skills, and job placement prepares students to go from the classroom to the boardroom or professional/graduate school. Involvement in student organizations, student government, and college-wide activity planning prepare students to take the lead not only at Wiley, but also in their communities.

Accordingly, student development professionals seek to inspire students to learn, lead and serve in a diverse and changing world. Through programs, policies and personal interactions, students are encouraged to engage in the collegiate experience, both in and out of the classroom, and the development of the Wiley College community.

Mission and Vision

The mission of the Office of Student Development is to inspire and engage through strategic integration of co-curricular and experiential learning opportunities that intentionally engages them in the life of the College and a global society. Through collaboration with our faculty, staff and students, we provide innovative programs, activities, and services that enhance the quality of student life and create a student life and create a student centered environment in which students develop, embrace, and enhance ethical leadership, life skills, leadership, spiritual, career and character development and a myriad of on and off-campus experiences.

Learning Outcomes

After participation in Student Development sponsored programs and activities, students will be able to:

  • Enhance their leadership skills
  • Lead an organization effectively
  • Interact with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Assist other students to navigate the Wiley College system
  • Increase involvement in service learning opportunities


Student Leadership Institute

The Student Leadership Institute is a cooperative experience designed to provide the opportunity for student participants to further develop their skills and experiences in the various areas of leadership and personal development. Students will master skills in communication, conflict resolution, decision-making, goal setting, problem solving, and etiquette while utilizing lectures, workshops, and interactive programs.

Student Leadership Calendar of Events 

Meet the Staff

LaDonna Gaut

Interim Director for Student Development/ Director for Counseling and Career Planning


LaTrina Jenkins

Coordinator of Student Activities


Kerl Nathaniel

Weekend Coordinator of Student Activities


Student Activities Office Manager