Summer Bridge With a Difference

Wiley College Summer Bridge serves a diverse and global community for entering undergraduates in a holistic six-week academic residential program. It introduces students to the structure and rigor of the College, provides them with opportunities to foster meaningful academic and social connections, and empowers them to take ownership of their academic journey. Students enroll in four credit-bearing courses in addition to mandatory daily study-skills mentoring and tutorial services.  Students are also assigned an Academic Advisor and Academic Coach to ensure successful transition to Wiley College.

Bridge Objectives

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Navigate the academic rigor and demands of Wiley College
  • Attend to their intellectual, psychological, and physical well-being
  • Leverage the College's resources and connections to enhance their academic journey
  • Develop proficiency in learning strategies required for lifelong success

Bridge Components

There are four components to Bridge, all working in tandem to ensure students’ successful transition to Wiley College:


Students will enroll in four academic courses, for a total of 12 semester hours. All courses count toward the Wiley College GPA and graduation requirements. Courses are taught by Wiley College faculty. View course list here.

Advising and Counseling

Students will have access to a network of professional academic advisors and/or academic coaches to assist them with a wide range of topics: academic and social adjustment, course planning, major selection, research opportunities, and internship opportunities.

Academic Resources

Students will be plugged into a comprehensive network of Academic Coaches and peer academic support. Moreover, they will have access to library resources, Athletics, Student Support Services, Disability Services, etc. 

Residential Life

Students will form a living and learning community in the College’s residential halls, allowing them to foster life-long friendships and connections. Professional and student staff live on-site to facilitate programming to further bolster the students’ sense of belonging at Wiley College.

Bridge Advantages

Students will receive a competitive advantage over their peers, leaving the program with:

  • Early Completion of Wiley College Coursework: Students will complete up to twelve (12) semester hours of coursework toward their graduation requirements and Wiley College GPA, prior to the start of their freshman year. 
  • Academic and Social Support System: Students will have access to a powerful network of faculty, advisors, tutors, and peer scholars that can last throughout their academic tenure and beyond.
  • Early Campus Orientation and Resources: Students will be able to access and navigate JICS, library and research databases, residential life, and more!
  • Careers Pathways Initiative: Students will benefit from the MAPP career assessment test, Meyers Briggs personality test and other career search opportunities. From day one, students prepare for a career or graduate/professional studies upon graduation.
  • Microsoft Certification: Students will complete their Microsoft certification upon completion of the Summer Bridge program.


Students looking to enroll in Bridge must first submit their Intent to Enroll (ITE). Once completed, students will be issued their official Wiley College email account, through which students can view and submit their Bridge Enrollment Form. The deadline to submit the ITE and to turn in the Bridge Enrollment form is 11:59PM Friday, June 2, 2017.

Important Information (FAQ): Click here.

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